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When you start the GPVTS ARCP seems like this benign process and just another administrative task. However it is actually surprisingly easy to make a small mistake or oversight and end up not passing. Not that this is the end of world, you usually can follow the recommendations and set it all straight by a second date in earlier August. But to make your journey through ARCP smooth we have written this guide.
MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS –  see table below by Dr David Price done May 2020
E learning links can be easily achieved on E- learning for health, https://www.e-lfh.org.uk/.  Follow the online help to send an email to confirm you would like your account linked to your E portfolio. 
Minimal Requirements end of year ST1 and 2:

New WPBA Developments August 2020 by Dr David Price Summary May 2020


WPBA is undergoing major changes from August 2020. There are changes to the number of asseessments required, and some new types of assessments.

A summary of the main changes are:

  • Fewer COTs and CbD
  • Care assessment tool replaces CbD in ST3
  • 36 case reviews per year (replacing learning logs)
  • Leadership Activity in ST3
  • Leadership MSF in ST3 following the Leadership Activity
  • Learning event analysis replaces SEA (1 per year)
  • SEA only if reaches GMC threshold
  • Prescribing review in ST3 (pilot 1.8.19)
  • QIP in ST1-2 leadership in ST3
  • 1 ESR and 1 interim ESR (if needed)

Useful resources on the website:

Video overview – 37 minutes, but really worth watching – try it with your trainee?
Summary of assessment numbers from August 2020:


CBD/CAT64 CbDs64 CbDs125CATs
MSF2(with 10 responses)0(with 10 responses)2(1 MSF, 1 Leadership)
CSR1 per post1 per post1 per post1 per post01 per post
PSQ1 in GP00011
Learning LogsMany36 Case ReviewsMany36 Case ReviewsMany36 Case Reviews
Placement meetings 1 per post 1 per post 1 per post
CEPSOngoingOngoingOngoingOngoing55 intimate plus range of others 
Mid Year Review010101
QIP01 in GP0000
Significant eventsSeveralIf relevantSeveralIf relevantSeveralIf relevant
Learning event analysisSeveral1Several1Several1
Prescribing review000001
Leadership activity000001

CSR to be completed in primary care placements if the CS in practice is different from the ES, there is felt to be missing evidence in the ePortfolio and the CSR would provide this information or either the trainee or supervisor feel it is appropriate.

Time needed to get everything done
Account for your clinical and educational supervisors or both being on holiday . Book a session with your educational supervisor in advance.

Number of learning logs
Only clinical encounters (not SEA, audit, professional conversation etc) count towards the minimum number of logs needed.

You need 3 PDP per rotation in ADDITION to any formed with a supervisor. They can however expand on the topics written by the supervisor.
Make your PDP SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic/Relevant, Time bound.
Complete them by writing a reflective note and ticking complete, or explain why you’ve haven’t completed them, by the end of the rotation.
ST3s need to show that the PDPs are relevant to them becoming independent practitioners.
Eg; joining a young practitioners group, learning new IT system, joining a locum agency etc.

SEA: Significant Event Analysis

–       See http://www.bradfordvts.co.uk/mrcgp/noe-significant-events/

 Make sure your Educational Supervisor has “shared” your MSF

Ensure you have the correct number of PSQs

At least one must be relevant to Primary Care (to be completed by the end of the training programme)

Out of hours experience Barndoc Inductions- Contact – [email protected] & or [email protected]

COTs/CBDs missing 

ES Review
The ES needs to record “competent for licensing” for the ST3s at the final review unless they are recommending further training is required.

Form R

Where do I get from?

What do I do if not on synapse?
Check Deanery website , Fellow trainees , Bradford website , Educational supervisor , PD

** Before you upload you final portfolio – PLEASE save it on your own device BECAUSE if you dont once you have submitted & got your CCT – it will no longer be accessible to you ! **

How do I upload it?
Save it in your personal library in your e-portfolio. Then make a learning log eg “course or certificate”. Write: “Form R attached for academic year 20XX-20YY ST1 GPVTS” in the first box. Then attach the Form to the log. Then share it.

A common reason for not passing ARCP first time is not realising that items in your personal library cannot be seen by anyone else. Then at ARCP they think you haven’t done it.

Page 1: personal details

Do I need a photograph of myself?
Put it in the blank box on the first page.

Can I use a facebook profile pic?
It’s been rumored to have been done.

Page 4: Work done since last appraisal

Do I include work abroad that was not part of a training programme or an OOP but not appraised in the UK?
 Still to be tested.

Page 5: significant event

A significant event in the context of form R is one in which the issues needed  escalation to a higher authority or bought your professional practise into question. It is not every significant event analysis (SEA) log in your e-portfolio.  If in doubt ask your supervisor. If you do put an event down on form R (and on reflection is not that significant) ask your educational supervisor  to make an “educator’s note” to say to say that they note you have highlights events on form R but there were not issues that needed any escalation and they did not raise any concerns about your practice. Or if your event was “significant” in terms of form R get your ES to explain how you have dealt with it.

Other Form R issues
 Make sure all 8 pages (it was 8 in 2016) have been scanned in. Sounds stupid but it’s possible to mess this up.
 Sign both Part A and Part B of the Form R


  1.  Trainee to inform educators ( ES , TPDs) of their intention to go on maternity leave
  2. Trainee to contact GPLEO [email protected] about their maternity and finalise the date
  3. Trainee to inform HET https://lasepgmdesupport.hee.nhs.uk/ about their maternity leave date
  4. HET to update TIS (grid) and e-portfolio and arrange ARCP if required
  5. Trainee to contact HET ( via portal) at least 3 months in advance to re-confirm return to work date and also complete the LTFT application via our portal ( if they wish to return to work LTFT)