The Final Hurdle Checklist. Part 1

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By Dr Rumana Lasker, Graduate trainee from Barnet GP Speciality Training Scheme

Congratulations.  You’re on your way to CCT!  I hope it has been a rewarding process. To help you along I’ve created some checklists to remind you of all the little bits of admin that can feel overwhelming when you don’t know what to expect. Hopefully this will help you focus on what you need to do. Just take it one step at a time. 

How to use the document:

Everyone works differently, so take what is written here as a guide. It’s meant to help you focus on the path to CCT.

The following have been split into different sections: (1) ARCP preparation ; (2) CCT preparation and (3) Job application preparation. You can follow the quick links from the Contents page to jump to a section or just make your way through the whole document slowly. Although I have tried to prioritise the lists, it’s worth reading the entire section so you have an idea/feel for what you’re aiming for. 

Please note that the information included is correct as of December 2020 but it is always worth double checking in light of the rapid and ongoing changes over the COVID pandemic


A little note about how this was written:

As you can probably tell, I like lists. I’ve always kept track of my portfolio with documents/spreadsheets but like most trainees it was always a little bit of a last minute dash. With the changeover of the portfolio system to Fourteenfish* I realised how important it was to stay organised. Plus, I felt like I didn’t really understand what happened beyond ARCP so I asked around and created a list which I’m sharing with you now. 

This document builds on personal experience, personal lessons learnt and advice shared from previous trainees and our PDs.  I’d like to give a special mention to  Emma Shaw who shared her own list with me to add in.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about what is included : [email protected] Also, please let me know if you feel anything should be added or clarified

*It should be noted that the new portfolio has a lot of ways that stream-lines the process so much of this may seem more self-explanatory to you



Dates of posts and CCT date

Confirm final ARCP panel date

WBPA requirements

Other compulsory requirements


Educators Notes


Form R [correct as of Oct 2020]

Sign off your review


Sign off your panel outcome

Apply to the GMC to join the GP register

RCGP membership

Medical indemnity (MDU/MPS)

Performers list

DBS check

Appraisal- did you think you had escaped the portfolio?

Job applications


Cover letter

Finding a job

Contract checking

Professional documents folder

Becoming a locum/Locum work

Working out your CCT date- as written by Emma Shaw


  • Dates of posts and CCT date
    • Check your portfolio shows the correct dates for all your posts.
    • Check your CCT date (particularly important if you are LTFT/out of sync): Make sure you and HEE are in agreement about when it will be to avoid nasty surprises at the end
      • To work it out this out (approximately) please, follow the process at the bottom of this document
      • Please note this may be slightly different from what HEE  quote as they use their own RCGP calculator. However flag this up early if there is a discrepancy of more than a few days on your portfolio.
  • Confirm final ARCP panel date
    • Use the  HEE portal to get a date for your final ARCP (as above, even more important  if LTFT and/or training out of sync)
  • They should email you details about your final panel including your submission date (which will be a few days before the panel date)
  • You will also receive the link for generating your Form R (more on this below)
  •  Book in your ESR with your trainer a week or so before.
  • WBPA requirements
    • COVID specific: make sure you are up to date with the latest requirements/guidance from the College. Currently for the ‘second wave’, these can be found here. [Correct as of Dec 2020]
    • Make sure you have met the full requirements. Old WBPA requirements are found here, and new are found here
  • Not sure if you’re on the Old or New WBPA requirements? Read the guidance here.
  • You can use a copy of this spreadsheet to help keep track of this (I like to highlight any outstanding bits/areas where I need more coverage to help focus my learning)
  • LTFT trainees: If your ST3 year straddled the ‘frozen’ period due to COVID-19 (Feb 2020-Aug 2020) then calculate your new totals for assessments
  • Other compulsory requirements
    • Upload these into the ‘Compliance Passport’ part of the portfolio.
  • Safeguarding Level 3- Adults
  • Safeguarding Level 3- Children
  • BLS (must include AED training)
  • Urgent care and Unscheduled care (OOH) evidence of learning
  • Upload OOH forms under ‘supporting evidence’
  • Self-rating
    • Start this early- you can prepare your review period at any time
    • When you are filling out reflections/logs keep your capabilities in mind and keep track of the circular tracker on your summary page. If you fill in the ‘justification’ text in well you will reduce the work you need to do for ESR as it will automatically pull through to your self-rating
    • You should aim to have 3 pieces of evidence to link to each Capability- these will turn the circles green when you link your evidence in self-rating
  • LTFT may need to draw on evidence across your previous ST3 ESR/reviews for their final ARCP. Indicate this clearly if unable to physically link via the portfolio 
  • You can use this template to help prepare your write-ups using the descriptors to help frame your writing.
  • Educators Notes
    • To help make things crystal clear, ask your ES to add any educator’s notes for clarity. Examples may include the following:
  • CEPS- as these may have been completed at different times training, it can be hard to keep track of them. 
  • Make sure an ES note is explicit and states all 5 of the mandatory CEPs with dates. This will save the panel having to dig through all your evidence. If you’re struggling to find old CEPs go to  ‘search your entries’ and try this in the search criteria:
  • “Educational assessments” in Type of entry 
  • CEPS assessment” in Form
  • “All” in Review period and Post
  • Make sure the rest of the search boxes are clear